Call for Papers, PSG VII at EGPA 2022

PSG VII: Resilient Quality & Integrity of Governance

The EGPA Annual Conference 2022 is taking place from September 6-9 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Update: call for papers deadline extended to May 30.

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Taking Stock: where have we been, where are we and where are going?

European public administration has experienced a long series of destabilising crises in the past decade and more. The Global Financial Crisis followed by the Euro crisis; Brexit; and now the Covid-19 Pandemic means that administration and governance have operated in conditions of turbulence for many years. Recent research has, understandably, sought to scrutinise these conditions and to understand their impact. Even if this turbulent era has not come yet to an end, it is imperative that we step back and evaluate the accomplishments and impact of quality and integrity of governance research thus far. By taking stock of the field we hope to rearticulate the field’s core aspects and set out possible agendas for scholarship to come. As such, we ask:

  • How has scholarship in the area has evolved in the last decade or more?
  • What is the state of the art in the area right now?
  • Which directions and themes will emerge in the next decade?
  • What are the main blind spots in the study of the quality and integrity of governance? What methods have been underutilised and which hitherto overlooked fields offer insights?

In order to address these questions, we invite a) qualitative or quantitative overviews of the quality and integrity of governance; b) literature reviews that set out a state of the art for the field; and c) critical reviews of important questions or emerging issues. We especially encourage interventions from doctoral researchers and early career scholars.

Topics may for instance include, but are not limited to:

  • Developments in the study of governance and climate or sustainability
  • Regulation, corruption and organisational ethics
  • Public service values and transparency
  • Quality of governance in specific institutions (police; ministries etc)
  • Regional and comparative studies on quality of governance
  • Quality and integrity of governance in the face of technological change

Subject to available contributions the Study Group co-chairs will explore the possibility of a journal special issue taking stock of the field and articulating an agenda for further study. Alternatively, we may explore a research handbook-style book proposal. This will depend on the papers submitted.


Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission of Abstracts: April 30, 2022 - extended to May 30
  • Deadline for notification to the authors: no later than May 20, 2022
  • Deadline for online submission of full papers: August 10, 2022
  • EGPA 2022 Conference: 6-9 September 2022

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Co-chairs of Permanent Study Group VII

Dr. Leonie Heres rasmus University Rotterdam/Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Dr. Ciarán O’Kelly Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland