Call for Papers: PSG VII at EGPA 2023 (archived)

The EGPA Annual Conference 2023 is taking place from September 5-8 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Crafting Ethics and Integrity

What does it mean to approach public ethics and integrity as a craft? That is, what is it to think of ethics and integrity as a meeting of architecture and practice in public and political contexts? Ethics and integrity researchers face a challenge in devising theoretical perspectives that speak across and recognise the complexities inherent in administrative infrastructures required for implementation. They imagine administration in other words as crafting integrity and ethics in organisational practice and at the same time as crafting integrity and ethics through organisational practice.

These challenges are all the more stark as governing institutions become entangled with the limits of public power; the place of values; societal, political and media dynamics; and emerging spatial and temporal geographies of environmental degradation. Ethics and integrity cannot be crafted ‘on their own terms’ so to speak but must respond to institutional dynamics and social change.

Given this, we ask for submissions that address questions such as (but are not limited to):

  1. What is it to know and make sense of integrity and ethics in institutional contexts?
  2. What is it to craft institutions on a values-first basis and what does this imply for the design of institutions and their organizational practices?
  3. How are ethics and integrity embedded in the craftsmanship of key actors in the public and political domain -from ministers, aldermen, and city managers to street-level bureaucrats?
  4. How do interactions between political and administrative institutions affect ethics and integrity?
  5. How are ethics and integrity linked to questions of sustainability and environmental change?
  6. What challenges do technological innovations pose for administrative ethics and integrity?

Format and ethos

PSG VII invites submissions in both traditional and more flexible formats:

  1. Traditional long-form scholarly papers. We envisage brief presentations of up to 15 minutes followed by substantial time for feedback, reflection and discussion of each paper. To this end, we reserve up to one hour per paper and assign discussants to all papers.
  2. Works in progress and early ideas from postgraduate researchers, early career and established scholars (early thesis ideas; book proposals; project plans). These may be aimed at hour-long ‘incubator’ sessions where ideas can be workshopped and shared for further development.
  3. Proposals for project showcases and thematic sessions that highlight innovations in the study of ethics and integrity. These may include multiple papers from the same project or project groups, seminars on close themes or similar.

Our aim is to drive forward the study of ethics and integrity in public administration and governance more generally by supporting both traditional and innovative approaches to the workshop format, all in a supportive and collegiate environment.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission of panel proposals : May 17, 2023
  • Deadline for notification to the authors: no later than May 31, 2023
  • Deadline for online submission of all the panel contribution : August 17, 2023

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Co-chairs of Permanent Study Group VII

Dr. Leonie Heres Erasmus University Rotterdam/Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Dr. Ciarán O’Kelly Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland