About the Permanent Study Group

A brief history of the Study Group

The group was launched as the study group on “ethics and integrity of governance” at the 2003 EGPA Annual Conference in Oeiras, Lisbon and had an average attendance of about 40 participants in the subsequent meetings. The group also co-organized two specialized conferences with its American counterpart (the Ethics Section of the American Society for Public Administration): the 2005 Transatlantic Dialogue in Leuven and the 2009 Global Dialogue in Amsterdam.

The original aim of the study group was to provide a forum for the cutting-edge European research on ethics and integrity of governance with relevance for the practice of European governance and government. The Study Group particularly wanted to contribute to making progress in comparative research, building on previous initiatives in transnational and global dialogues and the increasing cooperation between European researchers. Over the years the study group received more and more papers on public values and Good Governance. Therefore, the name of the study group was changed in 2013 into the Study Group on “Quality and Integrity of Governance”.

Current leadership

Professor Leonie Heres-van Rossum, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Dr Ciarán O’Kelly, Queen’s University Belfast, have co-chaired the study group since 2019.

From 2012 to 2019 the PSG was co-chaired by Professor Gjalt de Graaf, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Professor Michael Macauley, Victoria University of Wellington.