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(archived from the original EGPA PSG VII Website, hosted by KU Leuven)

See also Paanakker, H, Masters, AB and Huberts, L (eds) 2020, Quality of Governance: values and violations, Palgrave Macmillan, London.

This page is archived from the original EGPA PSG VII Website, hosted by KU Leuven

The Study Group has produced many edited volumes, special issues and symposium issues, mostly based on EGPA conference papers. Over the last years:

  • van der Wal, Z., G. de Graaf & A. Lawton (eds.) (2011). Special Issue ‘Management of Competing Values and Ethical Decisions.’ Public Management Review 13 (3): 331-477.
  • de Graaf G. & Z. Van der Wal (eds.), 2010, “Governing Good and Governing Well”, Symposium American Review of Public Administration 40 (6): 623-760.
  • Lawton, A. (ed) (2010). Special Issue ‘Public service ethics: developing the field’. International Journal of Public Sector Management 23 (7): 596-684.
  • De Graaf, G. & Z. van der Wal (eds.) (2009). ‘Symposium: Research methods in administrative ethics. Perspectives and techniques.’ Public Integrity, 11 (1).
  • Huberts, Leo W.J.C., Maesschalck, Jeroen, Jurkiewicz, Carole J. (eds.) (2008), Ethics and integrity of governance: perspectives across frontiers. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK.
  • Maesschalck Jeroen, Jurkiewicz Carole L., Huberts Leo (eds.) (2007-2008), Symposium: ‘Transnational perspectives on public sector ethics’ Public Integrity, 10 (1).
  • Behnke Nathalie & Maesschalck Jeroen (eds.) (2006-2007), Symposium: ‘Integrity systems at work – theoretical and empirical foundations’ Parts I, II and III”, Public Administration Quarterly, 30 (3 & 4) and 31 (1).