Milan 2006

Research methods in corruption and integrity

Milan Delegates

This fourth workshop of the EGPA-ethics Study Group was at the EGPA-conference at Milan. The workshop contained sessions on:

  • methodology of ethics and integrity researsch; a session on methodological approaches, information gathered, methods used for data gathering, analysis and interpretation
  • research methods and techniques; this session presents an overview of methods and techniques, with brief presentations by many paper givers, focussing on the methods used.
  • values and the integrity and ethics of governance; a session held together with the research group on public values. Apart from discussing papers that fit in both groups, this session also provided us with an opportunity to get to know each other and to assess opportunities for future cooperation.
  • ethics and integrity leadership and management; there is widespread agreement in the field of study that leadership and management are the keys to promoting integrity and ethics of organizations as well as individuals within those organizations. But, how exacly does this work and what are the limitations of leadership’s influence?
  • ethics and integrity instruments and institutions; what works, what does not and why?

Below you can download some of the presented papers.