Bergen 2012

Tenth workshop of the EGPA Study Group on ETHICS AND INTEGRITY OF GOVERNANCE

Study Group Co-Chairs

Dr. Gjalt DE GRAAF, VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Dr. Michael MACAULAY University of Teesside, Teesside Business School (United Kingdom)

Dr. Patrick von MARAVIC Depart. for Public Management & Governance, Zeppelin University (Germany)

List of papers

The normative orientations of public management trainees in China, Denmark, Taiwan and the United States

The political economy of conflicts of interest in an era of public-private governance

Virtue Ethics and Moral Practice

Not so fair after all? The effect of procedural fairness on system support in the Nordic welfare states

Integrity systems, values and expectations. Explaining differences in the extent of corruption in three Spanish local governments

Public Accountability and Performance Management: From Performance Measures to Quality Thinking. Practical and theoretical implications for citizens’ contribution

Meditative Thai Administrators (for ASEAN 2015)

Revisiting factors that can encourage, cause or allow corrupt conduct

Ethics and ethics management in unusual settings: the case of the European Commission

The power of administrative ethics:moving beyond moralism and instrumentalism

The influence of ordinary morality beliefs to non-corrupt and ethical conduct.Cases of Estonian local government and the Jordanian Anti-corruption Commission

Old-Boy Networks and Administrative Corruption- Case of external election finance in Finland