Lisbon 2022

The Study Group met in Lisbon in September 2022. Below are a synopsis of papers delivered. The original call for papers is here.

Session Location Author(s) Title Discussant Chair
Wednesday 7 Sept
Sala 9 Piso 2 HUSS, Oksana
& GRIMES, Marcia
Political will to combat corruption: reviewing and renewing conceptualization and measurement Leonie Heres Leonie Heres
O’KELLY, Ciarán Accountability at the end of the world: entangled governance and non-human objects Oksana Huss
16:30-18:30 Sala 9 Piso 3 DE VITO, Laura A review of the application of futures and foresight evidence and its role in enhancing governance for long-term sustainable development Esa Käykö Ciarán O’Kelly
KÄYHKÖ, Esa Matti Societal sustainability transformation to public administration: Collective engagement and public integrity for collaborative governance? Aleksander Aristovnik et al
ARISTOVNIK, Aleksander;
KUDO, Hiroko;
SUGAWA, Tadateru
& RAVSELI, Dejan
Coexistence of different public governance models in Slovenia and Japan: A comparison between state and local government Laura De Vito
Session Location Author(s) Title Discussant Chair
Thursday 8 Sept
Sala 6 Piso 3 HUBERTS, Leo Integrity systems: what there is and what helps? Fabrice Larat Ciarán O’Kelly
HERES, Leonie Mapping the Terrain: What we know about political integrity in the Netherlands Leo Huberts
LARAT, Fabrice Using the concept organisational culture to understand the dysfunctional management of non-ethical behaviours in bureaucratic organisations: a comparative analysis of the Catholic Church and Public administration in France Leonie Heres
16:30-18:00 Sala 9 Piso 2 DE GRAAF, Gjalt Value-Based Governance Jari Autioniemi et al. Leonie Heres
& PERNAA, Hanna-Kaisa
Political Steering and Administrative Influence on PA Research: Worrying signs from the “A-grade student” Finland Gjalt de Graaf
All Participants Discussion Research on Quality & Integrity of Governance